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i’m not gonna talk about Disney.

i want to talk about Micky Park Yoochun.

yes, one of JYJ member. ^^

currently i’m downloading K-drama I Miss You starring by Micky Park Yoochun.

i’m start to falling in love with him when i watch Rooftop Prince.

he is sooooo handsome, cute, adorable and funny at that drama.

when my friend told me about Micky a year ago i just like “hmmmmm, so what…”and not interested at all.

she watch this drama, Sungkyungkwan Scandal and start to love him.

but when she tell me, i’m not interested at all.

maybe because my dvd is broken and i cannot watch it till the end. or just because i don’t like their outfit at that drama. i don’t know.. just feel like don’t want to watch.

now i must eat my word and gotta admit that Micky is so handsome!!

Micky, i love you!!

After Hyun Bin, Ha Ha( he is so cute on that haroro character), Lee Kwang Soo (the funny guy), Yoo Jae Suk (not love because of his face, but his personality), Song Joong Ki (the pretty boy) and whoever after i watch his drama. hohohohoho….. ;p

yeah, i know my type of idol are so random. ;p

but you can take a conclusion that i love the guy who has nice personality like Yoo Jae Suk, funny as Lee Kwang Soo, handsome like Micky and Hyun bin but also cute like Joong ki and Ha Ha ;p

talking about Hyun Bin, his millitary service will end on 6th Dec 2012 which is 2 days from today. ^^ i hope he will grow some hair like he did on Secret Garden. i really don’t like when he is botak like that. but he is still handsome, just more handsome when he has some hair. 😀

ok..this is just my random thought at midnight…

see you again when i have mood to write ^^

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